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Family Law

At Scott and Scott, P.A., we acknowledge that family law cases are as unique as our clients. As a result, we approach each case with a fresh slate and take an individualized approach that is in the best interests of that specific client.

We understand that family law matters can be especially stressful whether only one issue is in dispute, such as child support, or a broad spectrum of issues are, such as divorce, custody, alimony and property division.

We effectively balance our clients' desires and needs during quite possibly the most difficult time of their lives. After listening to our clients, we are able to use our knowledge and experience to explain the legal process they are faced with and how to navigate moving forward.

Compassionate And Effective Family Law Attorneys

Most importantly, we are able to keep in mind the long-term effects that the family law matter will have on our clients' lives instead of simply addressing the obvious, present effects. We are compassionate and understanding, yet upfront and tell our clients what they should expect instead of simply tell them what they want to hear. Rather than setting false expectations, this approach allows our clients to know what to expect from the start of their case to the finish.

We represent clients in family law cases regarding:

  • Divorce

  • Custody family

  • Child support

  • Adoption
  • Protective orders

  • Domestic violence

  • Name change

  • Visitation

Family law cases are often emotionally difficult and overwhelming in addition to being expensive and drawn out. We strive for an amicable resolution of the conflict where possible since that is almost always in the best interests of the child(ren) and protects the client's financial resources, yet will zealously advocate the client's interests when the opposing party makes litigation unavoidable.

We Help Protect Your Rights

Let the attorneys at Scott and Scott put you at ease as much as possible and feel assured that your rights will be heard and protected.

To speak with our family law attorneys Charles L. Scott, Jr., and Jennifer M. Chesney, contact our Elkton office online or call 410-398-0611 (or toll free at 800-655-4352).

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