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Cecil County DUI Defense Attorneys

The consequences of a drunk driving charge go beyond just the potential for fines and incarceration. While these are serious aspects of DUI defense, any individual convicted of drunk driving may also incur the ongoing costs of license suspension or revocation, expensive and mandatory counseling programs, the installation of ignition interlock devices and penalties imposed by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). At Scott and Scott, P.A., we use our years of knowledge and genuine concern for each individual to develop a defense strategy that is individualized and in the best interest of that specific client. 

Probation Before Judgment, License Defense In Suspensions And Revocations

Simply having a drunk driving conviction on your criminal record can result in elevated consequences should you end up in a similar situation later or need to pursue employment opportunities that require a clean driving record.

Learn more about how to protect yourself if you’ve been pulled over for a DUI.

To this end, we actively pursue, and frequently obtain probation before judgment (PBJ) dispositions for our clients, which result in the DUI conviction being stricken from one’s record. Our goal is to prevent the drivers’ license points’ penalties and to stop insurance companies from using these details against a policyholder.

Whether dealing with administrative hearings with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration or defending you in court, we have the skill necessary to get results.

Protect Your Rights By Working With An Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer As Soon As Possible

As with any criminal law matter, it is important that you take steps to protect your rights from the moment you are pulled over and questioned. Consult an attorney as soon as possible to determine, with our advice and assistance, whether you should request an administrative hearing or voluntarily elect to have an interlock installed.

Never make a statement to the police about how much you had to drink without first consulting an attorney because most DUI convictions are made on the basis of the statements the driver willingly made to law enforcement officers or by submitting to a breath test. Call Scott and Scott, P.A., as soon as possible after your arrest to discuss your legal options: 410-398-0611.