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Understanding A Last Will And Testament

Last updated on January 29, 2021

The Last Will and Testament, which most people understand to be a Will,is used, among other things, to designate the recipients of an individuals property upon their death (see more detailed discussion below). In the absence of a Will, the distribution of an individuals property will be determined by the State according to an intestacy statute. In many cases, the distribution of an individuals belongings pursuant to an intestacy statute does not conform with their actual wishes. In some limited cases, the decedents belongings may actually become property of the local Board of Education

Scott and Scott, P.A., can provide a basic Last Will and Testament that directs, among other things, the manner in which an individual wants their assets to be distributed upon their death, and designates a Personal Representative. For many individuals concerned primarily about cost, our basic Last Will and Testament will provide a lowcost, high quality product

Although we are willing to provide the basic Last Will and Testament, we recommend our clients strongly consider contingent special needs trusts for all potential bequests

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